Calovin Wundpro – Herbal Topical Wound Cure Spray for Livestock & Farm Animals – 100ml (Box of 3 Sprays)

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Brand: Calovin

Calovin Wundpro Spray is a unique topical herbal spray, which penetrates deeply and spreads easily and treats variety of wounds including maggot infested wounds & FMD lesions. It is also highly recommended to treat other skin disorders like fungal infections, Mange etc.

Skin diseases in domestic animals are very common. Diverse etiological factors involved in skin conditions often make diagnosis complicated due to mixed or superimposed infections. Numerous possible origins of skin lesions generally necessitates empirical therapy with broad spectrum topical agents.


  • Calovin Spray is effective in treating all kinds of wounds including open wounds, surgical wounds, maggot infested wounds, deep seated FMD (Foot & Mouth Disease) wounds, lesions, foot rot etc.
  • Effectively kills maggots & prevents further re-infestation.
  • Highly effective in treating wide spread lesions of Dermatomycosis (Ringworm & Candiasis), Mange etc.
  • Penetrates deeply & spreads easily into lesions and thereby ensures faster action..
  • Imparts washable stain to identify the treated animals, area of application & helps to ensure complete covering of the wound with the spray.

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