Bosomcare Mastitis Spray – Herbal Topical Anti-Mastitis Spray for Livestock & Farm Animals – 150ml (Box of 3 Sprays)

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Brand: Bosomcare

Bosom Care Mastitis Spray is a unique Proprietary evidence based formulation which helps to control & act against mastitis causing organisms mainly S.aureus & S. agalactiae. Mastitis is the most common and most costly disease among dairy cattle. In herds without an effective mastitis control program about 40% of the cows are infected in a average of two quarters. It has been estimated that mastitis costs about Rs 10,000/- per cow per year. Reduced milk production causes about 70% of the total loss associated with mastitis.


  • Kills that bacteria that get on the teat during milking before they colonize the teat end.
  • Reduces maximum infection with immediate effect and provides relief to the animal.
  • Does not contaminate the milk.
  • Has strong Antimicrobial, Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic qualities.
  • Acts as an excellent fly repellent.
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