Why Greenenvy

Why Greenenvy Healthcare

  Holistic Approach
We believe diseases or disorders are caused byphysical, emotional, spiritual, social and/or environmental imbalance. This very factor is fundumental to our research. So the only way to tackle this is through holistic approach by addressing all possible areas of intervention.
  Research And Innovation
We at GreenEnvy constantly engage our selves in continous improvisation through research and development. A dedicated multi disciplinary team endevours everyday in the process of drug development.
  Clinical Research and Revalidation

Herbal medicines have proven themselves effective in treating every conceivable type of health problem ever since the dawn of civilization on tens of millions of patients. Inspite of this we engage ourselves in good clinical practices and clinical research to revalidate and update existing knowledge
  Safety and efficacy

We constantly endure in activities comprise of guideline development, workshops and training courses, coordination and promotion of pharmacovigilance, regulatory and other useful information exchange and review of possible harmful subsatances for over all safety and efficacy of medicine.
  Dicipline and High Standards For Quality is Our Philosophy
We strongly believe in traits such as honesty, integrity, and a concern for people.This very fact enables us to come up with unmatched and uncompromised quality in whatever we do.
  Good Manufacturing Practices
As they say quality is a habbit and thats what we believe in . To achieve this we emphasis on applying GMP in day-to-day operations at all possible levels with very minute details. Right from raw materials, excipients, finished pharmaceuticals, process validation, to instrument caliberation we monitor all parameters to meet highest quality standards.
  Strategic Partnership
We believe in developing mutually beneficial long term relationships with like minded organisations.
  Because we care!
Today we deliver these herbal medicines to the world for well being of humans and their loved animals at highest achievable quality standards, because we care.

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