About Green Envy Healthcare

GreenEnvy Healthcare is one of India’s fastest growing herbal healthcare organization. The organization develops innovative products for animal and human health at affordable cost and of brilliant quality for global markets. Greenenvy Healthcare is committed to developing and manufacturing range of innovative specialty products based on phytochemistry influenced by concepts of 5000 yrs old time tested Indian classical medicinal sytem called Ayurveda. We concentrante on improvization of various pharmaceutical dosage forms like aerosols, emulsions, lotions, creams, tablets and liquid dosage forms with its roots lying in pharmacognocy and phytochemistry. Greenenvyhealthcare has its manufacturing facility at Mangalore, a costal city of Karnataka. The organization is already been approved for manufacturing animal healthcare products by top leading companies which has been internationally recognized. The organization has its excellence in developing innovative products by people within the group and interdisciplinary school of thoughts, which undergoes critical review and thorough toxicological and clincial studies (In vitro and In vivo) before it gets approved.

Green Envy Healthcare Product



Herbal topical spray for wound cure for All type of wound

Bosom Care

Upper cup lotion kills bacteria that get on the teat during milking

Bosom care Mastist Spray

A unique evidence based formula which helps to control or act aginst mastist

Green tone CRD Poultry feed supplement

Green tone -CRD is a polyherbal and essential oil combination in liquid dosage form

Spurt herbal Spray

deodorizes instantly with microbial property, maintain healthy and siny coat

Green Tone Growth Promoter

To improve the hepatic function and performance enhancer